About S’more

Get paid every day to put ads & content on your lock screen. That’s it, no catch

S’more is an app that allows you to earn points by allowing us to show you content & ads on your lock screen.
We’re working hard to be the easiest lock screen rewards program. We’ll give you points every single day that you have our app installed. That’s it, no catch. As long as you use S’more, you WILL get paid.
Points can be redeemed for gift cards. We’ll pay you to be able to rent the space on your lock screen.

Put your phone to work for you

S’more is a way to earn rewards through doing the things you’re already doing: unlocking your phone. We’ll reward you for allowing us to show you relevant content & ads on your lock screen. S’more is the easiest way to make money using your phone. If you’re looking for a way to earn a little extra money, look no further.

How S’more Works

• We’ll show you relevant content & ads on your lock screen
• Simply swipe up, down, left or right to unlock your phone
• If you’re interested in what you’re seeing, just tap the learn more button
• In exchange for allowing us to rent your lock screen, we’ll give you points every day
• You can redeem those points for gift cards.

To earn points, you DO NOT need to learn more about every ad or try to see as many ads as you can. Continue to use your lock screen the way you normally do. You won’t earn more for viewing as many ads as you can. Our sponsors and advertisers like it this way and we hope that you do too.